mandag 22. oktober 2012

Winter is coming

Fall has defiantly arrived in Norway, and I bet that winter isn't far behind. Last weekend I realised that I had completely forgotten about the gym task that was assigned to me...over a month ago. That was also the moment I noticed it had to be done by Sunday afternoon.
The gym assignment was to go for a trip, to some mountain around the area. Bring food, friends and take pictures to document the trip. Luckily for me it didn't take long to find some other people to join me for the trip. Sunday arrived and we put on warm clothes, shoos and wooly socks; and headed outdoors. The pictures from the trip turned out much better then I had imagined (but I guess that's what happens when you got a new camera, that you know how too use)
Anyways, here are some of the pictures from the trip. I hope you enjoy the Norwegian Outdoors.

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