onsdag 24. oktober 2012

Makeup Maniac

Hey again guys!
It's only Wednesday but this week has still managed to get kind of busy. Monday I got a request from one of my best friends, she does makeup as a hobby (it is also what she wants to do in the future.. only in a more horror-ish kind of way) She had gotten a job where she was going to fix the makeup of a ton of actors in an local production of the opera Carmen. I was asked to maybe work as an assistant, and take some photos of her in action; so she could document her work for future use. She is also the same friend that I made a digital portrait of last month; Marina.

So with my new camera hanging in a strap from my shoulder; this Tuesday, I headed down town to get the pictures done. It was a lot of fun meeting the actors, running around backstage, and snapping photos of people in different situations. Everyone was so nice, and my friend did an amazing job with the makeup (I didn't have to help with that and was instead sent to get coffee... felt like a true assistant!) I had to adjust the settings on my camera quite a bit to get the pictures right, the light was horrible and in the beginning everything turned out yellow. The shutter speed was useless, so I ended up focusing on the aperture (I hope that's the right photo term) and set all the cameras light settings to indoor, fluorescent lights, and after a while I managed to get a hang of it.

Here are what I thought were the best pictures. My friend did a great job, and I had a great time, so I believe you will have one too, looking through them.

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