torsdag 25. oktober 2012

Weird signs on a fancy camera

Hey again guys!
Since my teachers are gonna go through my blog this week; and I'll be getting a grade on everything I have done, I figured out it was about time to do the tasks I missed out on while being sick.

So, first things first. Have you ever noticed a setting called ISO; while taking pictures with your SLR camera? I guess most of you have, and you know how too use it. Either way, I am going to explain a bit about it. The ISO setting is a light sensitivity setting. Low setting = low light sensitivity. High setting = Hight light sensitivity.

To show you the difference, here are to very simple pictures I took right outside the school. One with a low ISO setting of 200, and one with a high setting of 1600.

Most cameras also have automatic ISO settings, that adjust the light sensitivity according to the amount of light you are surrounded by. If you are adjusting the ISO yourself, you should remember that if you set it to low, your picture might end up way to dark. While on the other side; setting it to high, might make your pictures grainy and overly bright. 

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