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The five categories, part 2.

Before I start this blog post, I'll have to warn you guys; it's going to be a long one. But bear with me, it's going to be a good one.

You might remember that earlier I had a blog post withI had pictures tied up to the five categories.
You remember the categories? Right?
- Friends
- Water
- Light
- Composition
- Choose your own theme

Back then I decided to work with my own personal theme, and I choose plants. I didn't really know where to start or what to do. But the pictures turned out not so bad, and since that time I have learned a bit more about the whole consept of taking pictures. This actually suited me quite well, as the next school task we got assigned was to work with the five categories once again. This time we were going to take a minimum of 10 photos; 2 for every theme (or maybe 3 for one, and only one for another) but, in the end we would be left with 10 pictures, and a favorite picture (which could also be one of the 10 photos) As another detail, I would like to say that I've used the same camera for all my pictures; a Sony SLR Camera from 2012.

Here are the pictures from my first category: Water.

I was heading home from school when I took these pictures. In fact, I was jumping over my neighbors fence; behind my garage, when I spotted a cobweb covered in tiny drops of water. It was hanging right above the ground, and I had to lie down to get a good shot of it. I used the Macro effect on my camera, to get the focus on the raindrops just right. I also did the same thing with the second picture; which is taken right on the ledge of my terrace. I feel that the composition of both pictures is placed in the golden ratio.
Both pictures also had ISO settings on automatic, a setting which adjusts the ISO according to the light.

The next category ended up being: The self chosen theme, which in this case was nature.

With this category, I couldn't decide for just two pictures... So I didn't, and I ended up with the tree. All pictures were taken on my trip too Vårlivarden (and you might recognise some of them from an earlier blog post) I really like the contrasts in the 1. and 3. picture, the way the colors work together and how the different elements effect each other. When taking the to pictures I used a landscape effect on my camera, which allows me to get the lighting right, as well as the details. The middle photo I once again used my trusted cameras Macro settings.
The third and last picture in the category is also my favorite one. I feel that it might be one of my best photos too, even though the composition of the picture might be a bit off if you are looking through the golden ratio (then the tree could have been a bit more too the right) The color of the photo has to be the main focus, the big contrast from the dark Norwegian sky, the light brown grass, and the small green tree. I feel that the idea of the whole picture was to almost make it look like you were looking into another world or dimension.

The 3. category here is light.

The first photo I took in my living room with no other light source then the candles themselves. I had the aperture sett on 200/1 and a dark light setting. The second picture I took at the busstop with my boyfriend. I let the sunlight blind the cameralens a bit, and you can see the sun reflection.
First picture had the ISO setting on: 400, and the second one on: 1600.

And then there was the Composition.

In he first picture I wanted the color contrast to be everything, but I also wanted some repetition to make it more dynamic. That's why I decided on the picture of my house, the contrast between the blue and brown is really great and the blue in the curtains really just make the skys stand more out. It's taken from a very low perspective (since I am not THAT tall) The second photo I took at night, around half past 11 in the evening. I used a black and white photo filter and edited it some more in photoshop to make the contrasts even bigger. I like how the lines in the road and the cars going by gives the picture a lot of movement.

Last category was the Friend category.
And since the firs person that came to my mind when thinking of friends was my best girl friend, I couldn't go by without a portrait of her.

This might not be a picture that shows friendship on a high level, but it means a lot to me. It is also a very good picture of a very good looking lady. The ISO setting was 400, but I took the picture in quite a good light setting.
I also focused a lot on contrast in this picture, and I felt that the black and white editing, with a small touch of red made everything jump to another level.

Now that you have seen all my pictures and read my descriptions, I hope you see all the work I have put into it. I was wondering how it would turn out, and I'm hoping for positive feedback.
Thank you all, and goodnight.

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