onsdag 19. september 2012

Trouble in photo land

Well guys, it's been a while since I'we logged on to the blog and seen what's been happening.
The thing is, I'we been having some problems with my camera, and myself. I'we gotten a really bad cold, and was knocked out flat the last time we were going to be working with our blog.
But the thing is, that's not the bad news.
Last art class when we took the buss to an art museum in Stavanger. The new Munk exhibition had just opened and we were going to have a look at that. Our guide was great and so was the art. We also had a look at another exhibition in the museum; where they had painted a bunch of cars. Everything was just great, until I got home. I have no idea how, when or why, but somehow I (or the camera itself) had managed to delete all my pictures. At least I'll leave you guys with a link too the museums home page, the page is in norwegian. So to the ones of you who only read english; you got my greatest apologies for messing up my camera.

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