torsdag 27. september 2012

The Five Categories

Today, since our Teachers are on some sort of trip to, some part of the world. We got a new task to work on while they were away. The task was pretty straight forward. We were going to choose one of the following themes:
1. Light 
2. Vater
3. Friends
4. Choose a theme yourself
5. Composition 

I chose my own theme. Plants. The reason I chose plants, was simply because my mom had a bouquet of roses standing on our dinner table. The only problem with working at home is that I don't have a proper camera. Yes, I do have a simple digital camera, but I didn't feel that it would be the right thing for this task. Instead I ended up borrowing my sisters very old SLR camera (it's a Nikon, just so you know) . The whole thing is a but out of date, but I managed to get some good shots anyways. 

The first picture is of a single rose. The cameras ISO settings were 200 (which is the lowest ISO on the Nikon camera)and I didn't use a flash. I tried to place the rose in the golden ratio; creating a point of interest to the left. I also kept the one rose in focus because it creates the same effect. 

The second picture is of the parsley plant located in my kitchen window. This picture also has the ISO settings 200, but because of the light created by the window the shadows seem much darker on this picture. I really like this picture because it looks like the parsley is reaching for the window. 

And in a short glimpse of afternoon sun, I managed to shoot this. A picture which I think has a focus on shadow and composition. It is a very balanced photo. The light and the plant creates symmetry and contrast (rusty light, green leafs). And on this picture I turned the ISO up to 400. 

Well, this was todays pictures, I hope you enjoyed.  

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