torsdag 30. august 2012

An Eggcellent task

Hello again guys... or girls, of the internett!
Today we started up on our first real photo project. The task sounded simple enough, we were going to take pictures of eggs. You heard me right, eggs. The main focus in the pictures was going to be light, bright light, warm light, cold ligt and so on.
Me, Lars and Trond Arne joined together as a group, and here are some of the photos we ended up with.

The first photo was taken right outside our school. It was pretty clouded so I decided to turn on a outdoor filter (for clouded weather) on my camera, wich is supposed to soften the colors of the photo.
I really like this photo, the light is darkened, and even though the egg doesn't really stand out, I think the contrast between light and shadow still turned out quite good.
I also liked how the composition of the photo came together, with the straight lines going towards the egg.

The second photo was the first one we took. It's taken inside our classroom with artificial lighting, wich I think makes it a very warm photograph. It's very simple, and with the different shades of grey in the background the egg stands out even more. I also love the fact that the contrast between light and shadow is so visible. The bright light shining on the top of the egg, creates a much darker shadow underneath.

In the last photo we focused more on the composition then the lighting (but the lighting turned out great to though)
I wanted to get a photo of a group of eggs, showing different shadows.
And realised that putting them in a small puddle of water wouldn't just create shadows, but also reflections. Combined with the ripples in the surface of the water, it almost looks like the eggs are floating.

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